Our proven track record and current success

Our sole focus is creating value for our clients. We have a proven track record and our clients can attest to our current success.

Cell 1B (MSW) Design and Construction

Western Regional Landfill Inc. (WRLI) has a beautiful new cell and the airspace required to meet their communities’ needs! With tight timelines for 2020 construction, we were thrilled to be selected as a partner on this project.


Engineered Water Storage Reservoir Design & Permitting

To protect the environment and the fresh water being stored, a liner system was included in the design. The liners provide extra stability, eliminates erosion concerns, and protect the groundwater.

Landfill Fill Plan

Landfill Operation teams are continually challenged to maximize cell capacity, maximize road infrastructure, minimize operating expenses, and maintain long-term environmental protection all the while providing a high level of customer service by the efficient offloading of trucks.

Woodenhouse Landfill New Build

Journey was hired by the Client to design the Woodenhouse Landfill (Landfill) approximately 60 km north of Wabasca, Alberta. The Landfill was a new site which required not only the Cell 1 design but additional tasks including, but not limited to…

Fort Saskatchewan Civil Works

Journey’s approach was to conduct a site inspection to record areas of concern, and then prioritize the areas in a Work Plan that the Client’s Operations staff could implement readily.

Willesden Green Cell 4

In 2018, the Client chose to partner with Journey Engineering (Journey) to perform Quality Assurance (QA) throughout the construction of Cell 4 at the Willesden Green Class II Landfill.

Rail Transloading

This project involved adding a track to the existing track system, including switches, lighting, grounding, grading, drainage, and protection for the undergrounds.

Landfill Optimization & Expansion

Journey partnered with the Client to provide engineering services for a Class II landfill. The first phase of the project was to review…

Helium Recovery Facility

In the first phase, Journey partnered with the Client for initial scoping, design, and generating an AACE Class III cost estimate to achieve project sanction.

Disposal Well Facility Pad and Surface Water Pond

Journey partnered with the Client to complete the civil work related to the development of a new water disposal facility. The work included design, procurement…

Oil Blending Optimization

In order to protect Operations personnel from process upsets and maximize facility economics, a lean and practical solution was required. The Journey Team worked with the Client’s Engineering…

Landfill Temporary Cap

Journey partnered with the Client to engineer a cost-effective temporary cap system for a Class II landfill. The goal of the cap design was to reduce leachate production, improve waste stability, and reduce operational expenses.