Disposal Facility Assessment & Valuation

Services Company | Louisiana

The Client had invested significant resources of time and money in building a sustainable business in water disposal and oil recovery. In order to enhance their service offering to customers, all the engineering and permitting work was completed to gain a Class I Exploration and Production Waste landfill permit, the first of its kind in the State of Louisiana. This vision and market is new to the area with little local expertise to fully understand the value of this business. Journey partnered with the Client to complete the full assessment, including due diligence on risks and economics of the current business and future solid waste disposal (a landfill) addition.

You need someone who truly understands your business

With financial hurdles to overcome, the Client needed a professional who understood their business and could provide a fitting valuation to present to financial institutions. The business is both liquid and solid waste disposal; many engineering firms are capable of calculating asset value, but none had the operating and economic (financial) background to effectively valuate this business. The client specifically sought the right, in this case international, experience and selected Journey to partner with.

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