2023 Dam Safety Program for Simonette Water Reservoir

M.D. of Greenview No. 16, Alberta | i3 Energy Canada Ltd.

Our client inherited the Simonette Water Reservoir as part of their Simonette asset acquisition. This above-ground pond stores fresh water for industrial processes. A portion of the perimeter berms containing the reservoir falls under the definition of a dam per Alberta Regulation and is therefore subject to provincial dam safety regulations. i3 Energy Canada Ltd. (i3 Energy) approached Journey Engineering (Journey) for guidance to attain regulatory compliance for the dam at Simonette Water Reservoir.

Our Experienced Team can Successfully
Navigate Dam Safety Regulatory Requirements

At Journey, we understand that dam safety requirements can sometimes be onerous to fulfill. Our team of experienced engineers and managers successfully developed a practical dam safety management system that seamlessly integrated our client’s internal organization structure and operating procedures. For the 2023 dam safety program, Journey also reviewed and updated the Operation, Maintenance and Surveillance Manual and provided valuable insight to bring the Emergency Management Plan for the dam into compliance with regulation. Journey currently acts as Engineer-of-Record (EOR) on behalf of i3 Energy and conducts annual engineering inspections for regulatory reporting. Our team leveraged experience in dam safety and project management to successfully navigate our client through the process of attaining regulatory compliance.

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