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Design &

Our sole focus is creating value for our clients.

Rail Transloading

Journey was an ideal partnership choice, having completed preliminary rail plans as part of a previous project. This project involved adding a track to the existing track system, including…

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Landfill Optimization & Expansion

The first phase of the project was to review the current operation and aid in providing best practice recommendations and multi-year fill planning. Journey also…

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Helium Recovery Facility

Journey is providing engineering and procurement services for the purchase and installation of a 20 MMSCFD helium recovery plant. This plant makes use of…

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Disposal Well Facility Pad & Surface Water Pond

Work included design, procurement, construction management, and field QA/QC inspection services for a facility…

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Engineered Water Storage Reservoir Design and Permitting

To protect the environment and the fresh water being stored, a liner system was included in the design. The liners provide extra stability, eliminates erosion concerns…

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Landfill Fill Plan

A well-designed fill plan takes into consideration long-term waste stability, leachate management, landfill access, efficient use of landfill heavy equipment…

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Woodenhouse Landfill New Build

The Landfill was a new site which required not only the Cell 1 design but also overall site orientation, site infrastructure, surface water management system…

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Fort Saskatchewan Civil Works

Journey’s approach was to conduct a site inspection to record areas of concern, and then prioritize the areas in a work plan…

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Willesden Green Cell 4

This project was executed efficiently due to Journey’s ability to work as a team with the designated earthworks contractor. The selected…

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Oil Blending Optimization

Our Client acquired a facility that had been designed mainly to blend butane into a consistent pipeline stream….

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Landfill Temporary Cap

Journey partnered with the Client to engineer a cost-effective temporary cap system for a Class II landfill…

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to build assets that work.

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