Cadillac Train 2 Helium Purification Facility

North American Helium | Cadillac, SK

As the world continues to grapple with major risks to other global sources of helium, Journey Engineering (Journey) was proud to support North American Helium (NAH) with the successful completion of their ninth helium purification facility. The Cadillac Train 2 Purification Facility was constructed on an existing plant site completed in 2023, which Journey was also heavily involved in. Integrating into an already operating facility provided a unique challenge that included upgrades. Journey provided multi-discipline engineering and procurement services as well as construction, commissioning, and start-up support. The new facility will increase total production from the Cadillac area.

Supporting the next generation of helium production
to satisfy growing global demand!

Using membranes and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) systems for the helium purifier technology, a modular approach to facility construction was applied so that the purification plant is easily expandable, quick to construct, and mobile for relocation at the end of a field’s productive life. Journey’s engineering support was primarily focused on the balance of plant, including process, piping design, civil and structural, electrical design, regulatory permits, and integration of equipment, as well as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technical support and subcontractor management.

A key specification for this project was the outlet helium purity, which must reach “Lift-Grade” quality (98.5% or higher) – the helium is then loaded into sales trailers reaching pressures above 4,000 psig. A 3D model of the entire plant was also developed for the building, processing equipment, piping, and electrical services.

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