CO2 Sales Stream FEED

Helium Exploration & Production Company | Battle Creek, SK

This project is meant to recover a vented carbon dioxide (CO2) waste stream and turn it into a salable product. The design will compress the waste stream before liquifying and purifying the CO2, through a multi-stage process, ensuring that the stored liquid meets the required specifications for use and consumption. By recovering the previously unused waste from the plant, it cuts down on the carbon footprint and creates a new revenue stream for the facility.

Cutting-edge technology helps create innovative
and sustainable waste solutions!

This project was started and conceptualized in May of 2022, and its FEED stage was completed in August 2022. The goal is now to obtain financing to complete construction of the facility addition. Despite minor complications with the specialized material requirements of CO2 as well as the smaller size of the necessary equipment, Journey’s engineers have managed to complete a final draft of the CO2 recovery system for an innovative and progressive waste recovery initiative that supports both economic and ecological perspectives.

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