Dam Cessation Project

Canadian Natural Resources Ltd. | Swan Hills, AB

Canadian Natural Resources Limited (Canadian Natural) intends to put in cessation one of their long-time freshwater reservoirs located in the Swan Hills, Alberta area. The asset was once required for the successful development of the Swan Hills field; however, having been in service for over forty years, the risk and liability in maintaining this asset today outweighs any benefit for current operations.

Team Experience and Regulatory Relationships are Crucial to Developing a Plan that Works.

This project is unique as a dam of this magnitude has never been put into cessation within Alberta. Although the regulations appear to be prescribed, the level of effort and detail appropriate for each requirement of the Alberta Dam and Canal Safety Directive is subject to interpretation, and early engagement with regulatory bodies was key to successfully kick start this project.

 Activities undertaken to support the dam cessation application included an aquatic and fishery review, Water Act approval, rapid draw down analysis, and the compiled Dam Cessation Plan. The approval has been successfully granted and Canadian Natural is currently waiting for approval conditions to be met and release at the appropriate time of year.

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