Fort Saskatchewan Civil Works

Midstream services provider | Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta

Journey was hired to provide Best Practice recommendations for general civil work that the Client could implement throughout a fractionation plant. One of the unique challenges for this site was the plant expanding in phases without consideration to overall plant drainage. Each phase expansion did not tie drainage plans into the previous phase, or in some cases neglected to design a drainage plan altogether. This led to issues regarding erosion, road maintenance, and obeying environmental regulations.

The Goal of this Project: Identify Practical Solutions that Avoid Expensive Designs.

Journey’s approach was to conduct a site inspection to record areas of concern, and then prioritize the areas in a Work Plan that the Client’s Operations staff could implement readily. The Work Plan not only provided solutions to the existing problems, but also recommendations for preventing problems in the future. Some of these recommendations were on-going maintenance plans, erosion control products, design suggestions for future work, and clauses to protect the Client in future contracts.

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