Helium Recovery Facility – Detailed Design & Construction Support

Helium Exploration & Production Company | Battle Creek, SK

Our client partnered with us on the first phase of this project which included initial scoping, preliminary design, and the generation an AACE Class III cost estimate to obtain project sanction. The helium facility is designed for 20 MMSCFD of throughput and 160 MSCFD of helium sales. Journey provided multidiscipline engineering and procurement services as well as construction, commissioning, and start-up support throughout the detailed design, construction, and start-up phases. This plant makes use of proprietary membrane technology to purify a gas stream up to 99.999% helium as a saleable product.

Canada’s Largest Helium Extraction Facility –
Designed and Built in Western Canada

The plant relies on a combination of proprietary membrane technology and pressure swing adsorption, amongst other core processes. Journey provided engineering support largely on the balance of the plant, handling civil and structural, electrical design, piping, regulatory permits, and integration of equipment as well as original equipment manufacturer (OEM) technical support and sub-vendor management.

This project presented many interesting engineering challenges, including the requirement to load trucks with an unusually broad pressure rating. Journey is also assisting on conceptual engineering for the future monetization of the waste streams composed of nitrogen, CO2, and methane. We are thrilled to be part of this project, the largest facility of its kind in North America. The Journey team brings the right experience to the table, having a background in both cryogenic distillation and membrane helium facilities.

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