Landfill Fill Plan

Oil & gas services company | Central British Columbia

Journey partnered with the Client to develop a Waste Placement / Fill Plan to help with efficient operation of the landfill. A well-designed Fill Plan takes into consideration long-term waste stability, leachate management, landfill access, efficient use of landfill heavy equipment, as well as future expansion plans. The Plan gives operations the opportunity to see the long-term development of the landfill and engages all staff in the goal.

Solutions with the End Goal and Operational Efficiency in Mind.

Landfill Operation teams are continually challenged to maximize cell capacity, maximize road infrastructure, minimize operating expenses, and maintain long-term environmental protection all the while providing a high level of customer service by the efficient offloading of trucks. The key to achieving all these goals is a well thought out Waste Placement / Fill Plan. The Plan gives operations a long-term vision for the facility that trickles down to define daily, weekly, quarterly, and annual activities.

Underutilized airspace, short-term use of roads, and road gravel is expensive! The Waste Placement / Fill Plan allowed the Landfill Operations team to strategically plan locations of truck unloading areas, access roads, as well as maximize air space and proactively cap portions of the landfill as quickly as possible; this reduces leachate expenses and reduce waste stability concerns. Another benefit of the Plan is lower maintenance on heavy equipment due to more efficient operation (e.g., shorter push distance).

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