Landfill Financial Assurance, Closure, and Post-Closure

Multiple Landfill Operators in AB, BC, SK, & NWT | Western Canada

Journey has partnered with multiple Clients as part of the initial approval stage (greenfield landfill) or regulatory permit renewal process to complete the review, calculation, and Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) submissions for financial security on landfills across Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and the Northwest Territories.

Journey works closely with the Client and utilizes our industry knowledge to ensure the costs are accurate and defendable under regulatory scrutiny. We work collaboratively, ensuring the Client team understands these inputs and their ability to manage future liabilities surrounding the closure of the landfill. No time is more critical to understanding the closure requirement than when revenues are healthy. Once the last drop of revenue comes in, there are a minimum of 25 years of expenses left on a typical asset.

Know what goes into the numbers!

Waste disposal has evolved greatly in the past number of years with the introduction of enhanced waste diversion strategies. That being said, landfills will be here for a long time. The closure of depleted cells in a timely fashion helps operating costs (leachate generation) but is also an important step towards meeting closure commitments. The capping of cells and capital requirements should be planned far in advance to ensure that money is available. Progressive closure also helps keep the reserves needed or ARO required from ballooning in value. We have helped many landfill operators understand this and take steps to controlling their own destiny. Having a clear understanding and tools in hand to make sound decisions when it comes to financial requirement for closure is critical.

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