Nabiye Lagoon 2 Design, Construction, and EOR

Confidential Client | Cold Lake, AB

Our client’s Nabiye operations rely on having lagoon capacity for their steam-assisted gravity drainage (SAGD) process. The existing Lagoon 1 was near capacity and the client needed a responsive team to complete the design, permitting, and construction of a new lagoon. Journey Engineering Corp. (Journey) remains the Engineer-of-Record (EOR) for this structure for the first year of operation.

Having a fast and effective team was critical to the project success as the lagoon had to be in operation within the 2023 operating year. Journey worked closely with the client’s major projects team, Construction and Operations, to complete the design. The client was granted the construction permit in June 2023. Journey worked with Morgan Construction & Environmental Ltd. (Morgan Construction) to ensure the project was completed while meeting the quality expectations, keeping the project on budget, and achieving completion as early as possible in 2023. The project was completed and the lagoon was commissioned in October 2023.

Design-build carried out by a responsive team, ultimately ensuring a first-in-class lagoon.

The Nabiye Lagoon project was awarded as a design build, where Journey worked together with Morgan Construction to ensure the project was successful. This was necessary due to the timelines of the project and to ensure a first-in-class lagoon.

The Lagoon 2 design included a leachate collection system, allowing for all free water to be removed from the lagoon. This prevents the wastewater from contacting the primary liner. The secondary liner and leak detection systems were also included, collectively providing an extremely robust liner system that will safely protect the environment for years to come.

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