Oil Blending Optimization

Oil & Gas services company | Saskatchewan, Canada

Our Client acquired a facility that had been designed mainly to blend butane into a consistent pipeline stream. The plant was repurposed as a general blending facility, taking in condensate and heavy oils by truck and blending these with butane and the pipeline stream. This caused major operational challenges throughout the plant and the Client had difficulty achieving an optimal blend.

A Scalpel vs. Sledgehammer Approach – Applying the Right Solutions to the Right Places and in the Right Proportions.

In order to protect Operations personnel from process upsets and maximize facility economics, a lean and practical solution was required. The Journey Team worked with the Client’s Engineering and Operations Teams through a highly collaborative process of optimizing the facility. This included the inventory and prioritization of issues, updating drawings through onsite as-building, a Hazard and Operability Study (HAZOP), and implementing a series of operational and controls systems improvements before moving on to larger capital fixes. The Client was thrilled with the approach and outcome, having found a solution that made use of the collective knowledge of all stakeholders and at a fraction of original budgetary estimates.

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