Power Generation – FEED Study

North American Helium | Battle Creek, SK

After the construction and commissioning of the Battle Creek Helium Recovery Plant in Saskatchewan, efforts were undertaken to explore the viability of generating onsite electrical power through the use of the high-pressure vent gas stream. Previously, this non-hydrocarbon source stream had been discharged directly into the atmosphere through a vent stack. Recognizing the significant heat and pressure potential of this stream, an investigation into turbo-expander power with induction generation technology ensued, aiming to achieve an output of approximately 0.70 MW of 600V electrical power and reducing the facilities power consumption by approximately a third.

Turning waste energy into operational waste reduction!

This project presented an engineering challenge due to the precise combination of heat and pressure necessary to achieve optimal turbo-expansion conditions for generating the required power output. To enhance operational flexibility, the design incorporated an upstream regenerative thermal oxidizer (RTO) discharge line, enabling manipulation of process conditions to align with technological requirements.

Beyond evaluating the power generation technology, our scope also included regulatory assessment, quantification of the control system integration within the current plant infrastructure, and a comprehensive return on investment (ROI) cost analysis.

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