Rail Transloading Crude Oil & Butane

Midstream services company | Edmonton, Alberta

The Client required engineering and design support to extend rail facilities at one of their Condensate Terminals. The project included adding rail capacity to load nine rail cars through two high vapour pressure and two low vapour pressure transloaders. Close collaboration and communication with the Client ensured that budget and schedule were maintained throughout, including changes requested to take advantage of additional opportunities. Journey was an ideal partnership choice, having completed preliminary rail plans as part of a previous project.

With Commercial Agreements on the Line – Staying Ahead of Schedule and on Budget is a Must.

This project involved adding a track to the existing track system, including switches, lighting, grounding, grading, drainage, and protection for the undergrounds. A new three-lane access road for transloaders and tanker trucks was required to service the rail cars on the new track. The goal was to keep as much of the existing underground infrastructure in place as possible. Where not possible, underground facilities were relocated.

Additionally, Journey provided document management and supply chain management (SCM) support from the material requisition for quotation (MRQ) phase through invoice attestation and change management control. Post-engineering request for information (RFI) support was critical on this project and ensured a smooth operations turnover.

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