Residential Site Grading

Private Landowner | Cochrane – Municipal District of Rocky View

A residential landowner reached out to Journey and requested a significant topsoil volume on the property. The desire was to incorporate the topsoil into the overall landscape, aiding in the future development of the property. Several constraints called for review, including: slope stability, wetlands, drainage course, municipal district requirements to meet setbacks, and fill requirements.

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The site grading was complex, with over 70,000 cubic meters of fill to be placed in strategic locations on site. There were wetland areas requiring protection as well as an intermittent stream that needed to maintain applicable setbacks. In some locations, the fill placement had to consider the slope stability of the existing grades. The municipal district of Rocky View County has very clear and prescribed requirements that must be met to achieve development permit approval.

Journey utilized drone survey, client sketches, and a site visit to create a grading plan that works. The grading plan was signed and stamped by a professional engineer and utilized to obtain the necessary municipal district development permits and associated approvals.

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