Services for Dam Safety

Special Areas Board | Special Areas, Alberta

Our client operates several dams of varying consequence classifications throughout southeast Alberta. Journey Engineering (Journey) was hired to inspect 13 of Special Area Board’s (SAB’s) low consequence dams, confirming the low classification status and providing recommendations to ensure all requirements are being met per the Alberta Dam and Canal Safety Directive (2018). As part of the scope of services, Journey also performed an engineering inspection of Blood Indian Dam, a high consequence dam, confirming the consequence classification and updating key documents as stipulated by the Directive.

Ensuring Efficient Use of Time and Funding
Without Compromising Quality of Service.

We understand that the requirements for dam safety can sometimes be onerous to fulfill, often requiring input by specialized professionals to meet the regulatory demands for high consequence dams. In addition to inspection of the 13 low consequence dams, Journey reviewed and updated the Operation, Maintenance, & Surveillance (OMS) Manual for the high consequence Blood Indian Dam. The Emergency Management Plan (EMP) for this dam was also reviewed against the latest best practices in emergency management and dam safety. Journey facilitated an orientation workshop and tabletop emergency drill scenario, training and reinforcing the EMP among SAB staff and on-site operators. The Journey team was able to draw on its broad experience-set to provide substantial value to our client by optimizing use of time and funding on this project.

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