Woodenhouse Landfill New Build

Oil & gas services and operator company | Northern Alberta

Journey was hired by the Client to design the Woodenhouse Landfill (Landfill) approximately 60 km north of Wabasca, Alberta. The Landfill was a new site which required not only the Cell 1 design but additional tasks including, but not limited to, overall site orientation, site infrastructure, surface water management system, and groundwater monitoring program. After the Landfill design, Journey performed Construction Quality Assurance (CQA) and the associated reporting upon project completion.

Multiple Construction Challenges Met with Responsive and Quick Thinking.

The biggest challenge throughout construction was the temperature and weather. Due to the location and construction starting in late September, temperatures were below freezing for the majority of the project. In order to prevent the compacted clay liner from freezing, a 24-hour construction schedule was implemented. Another challenge faced was inconsistent soil types. Most of the excavated material was acceptable for compacted clay liner construction; however, there were layers of clay with too much sand for compacted clay liner. Journey’s QA Inspector was responsible for ensuring only the correct materials were used in the compacted clay liner.

Woodenhouse Landfill was designed and constructed in 2016 by Bowron Environmental Group, which in 2017 changed its name to Journey Engineering.

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