Midstream Facilities

We are used to helping clients define a clear design basis, helping to ensure client stakeholders are aligned on the solution. With midstream facilities, our engineers understand the interplay between complexity and practicality and will work hard to ensure the project team, operations, and your sponsors get what they need. We understand that sometimes you need to move quickly to take advantage of an opportunity with a limited window and that this speed cannot come at the expense of quality.

Have you ever struggled to bring various stakeholders together for a common solution, move quickly to take advantage of an opportunity with a limited window or missed an opportunity altogether due to lack of a feasible plan?

The Journey team has installed millions of barrels of crude storage as well as billions of cubic feet of gas storage and thousands of gallons of natural gas liquids (NGL) storage; these storage projects are part of our midstream heritage.

Typical midstream projects include some form of blending or mixing to increase the price point of the blended crude (for example, Western Canadian Select (WCS) which is a heavy sour blend of crude oil and is one of North America’s largest heavy crude oil streams.

Midstream truck and rail terminals are also a large part of the Journey experience. Typically, rail to market projects require storage of the products (crude, butane, etc.) prior to loading of the rail cars.

We can support you in:

  • Storage of sale product (crude, butane, etc.)
  • Natural Gas and NGL projects
  • Liquids gathering via Deep Cut Cryogenic Facility
  • Reducing viscosity in sale product by blending butane in crude / condensate into heavy oil
  • Connecting upstream production of oil and gas to downstream markets (including refineries & chemical plants)
  • Gathering waste oil and processing into saleable crude with Full Service Terminals (FSTs)
  • Truck & rail terminals and loading of rail cars

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