Drone Operation & Aerial Photography / Videography

Often a missed opportunity in the heavy civil and facilities construction fields is the practicality and value of aerial imagery provided by drone photography. This technology has the capability to allow unparalleled access to the worksite for our clients without the need to be there in person. You can rely on our on-site quality assurance and quality control (QA/QC) team to provide daily updates that include overall site photography and a greater bird’s-eye perspective to put a tangible value to the descriptions provided in the reports. Our drone pilots are fully licensed and have a keen eye on the details which matter to you!

Take Flight with Us –
Trust our Licensed Drone Pilots to Keep an Eye on your Assets

The advantages of drone photography all come down to one factor, which in our experience either makes or breaks a project: communication. The utilization of DroneDeploy and other software allows for Journey to offer an overall top-down orthographic site map to our clients. This offers an easy-to-track daily updated visual allowing for a greater sense of control and understanding of the scope of completed work. We can also provide the ability to take specific images of areas of interest during the construction of the project, giving our clients an unparalleled level of access so they can follow updates in the process on-site all from the comfort of their office.

We are always excited to review your project and help you generate ideas in support of the solution you need!


Journey’s QA/QC team has the drone flying expertise and licensing to provide services including:

  • Licensed drone pilots flying top-of-the-line drone fleet (such as the DJI Phantom 4 V2 / DJI Mavic 3)
  • DroneDeploy orthographic mapping
  • Overall site photos
  • 4K quality drone videos / 20MP still images
  • Top-down detailed photos for contractor and operations support
  • Daily flight pricing / custom pricing packages
  • Promotional images

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